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Summer Travels and Security in Your Home

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The warm summer months are the perfect time for you and your family to hit the road for a vacation. Below are some product ideas that will help you get your travel off without a hitch.

Energizer Universal FM Transmitter with Auto-Scan and LCD Display

This compact and portable transmitter will broadcast your tunes and works with most devices with a 3.5mm port including MP3 players. It features preset functions and an auto-scan button to find the best frequency. The LCD screen will display the current frequency. Requires 2 AAA batteries which are included.

Steren Compact Universal AC Travel Adapter

Traveling to a foreign country this summer? With different connection options, this universal electrical contacts adapter will allow you to use your AC device in almost any part of the world. It has four retractable plugs that can be used in the following countries: 2-pin flat pin for North America, round 2 pin plug for Europe and a 2-pin plug and a rectangular plug for the UK. This adapter also has a 2-pin diagonal flat plug for Australia. It features a locking switch, to prevent the plugs from being moved and has a power rating: 127/250Vac 50/60Hz 10A.

BuQu-CHUBS USB 3350mAh Power Bank-Black

If you need a reliable, portable charger, this battery will keep your favorite devices charged and ready to go. Its 3350mAh battery will give you 1.5x extra battery with most smartphones. The 12W (2.4A) USB port charges smartphones and tablets quickly, and the easy clip-on design provides convenience. Additional colors include Yellow (BQBPAYL), Gold (BQBPGGD), Pink (BQBPGPK), and Turquoise (BQBPGTQ).

When off on your travels, home security can be a concern. Here are a few products that will put your mind at ease and have you enjoying your getaway.

iLuv Wi-Fi Indoor Cloud-Based 2K HD Video Security Camera

With this video security camera, you and your family will not have to worry about your home protection while you are away. It is a cloud-based camera that connects to your smartphone wirelessly through a mobile app. A built-in microphone with two-way audio allows you to communicate with people near your camera. The 2K resolution HD delivers premium video quality and a remarkable 140° field of view to monitor even your home’s biggest rooms. This security camera also features a 4x digital zoom, a night vision mode and is able to adapt to any level of brightness with a unique auto contrast adjuster of HDR (high dynamic range). The mobile app will send an alert on your device when activity is identified. If you wish to receive updates when specific incidents are detected within an exact location, you can customize your preferred detection areas within the field-of-view of your camera. This will prevent your device from alerting you about frequently repeated activities such as passing cars or shadows. Only requires a quick, 60-second setup and is mountable to most surfaces.

Steren Electronic Metal Safe

Made of hardened low carbon steel with a reinforced door, this safe is durable and reliable when it comes to protecting legal documents or valuables items. It features an electronic opening system and security keys in case of emergencies. This safe has two holes in the back and two at the base for mounting on a wall or flat surface. It has a hammered baked finish and requires 4 AA batteries (not included).
Dimensions: 15.74” front x 9” high x 13” deep. Weight: 22.92 lbs.

Steren Door/Window Security Alarm

Complete your home security plans with the Steren door and window security alarm. It is activated when the magnetic counter is separated from the main component. This alarm has a three position switch: warning, alarm and off. It has a 100 foot 90dB ton range and is powered by 4.5Vcc (3 button cells). Measurements: alarm box (2.52” x 1.18” x 1”), magnetic box (0.5”, x 2.09” x 0.59”). It is recommended to use with the Steren Security Door/Window Magnetic Sensor (ALA-005).