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Improve the Performance of Your WiFi Network

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Have you ever sat down to watch a movie on your laptop or tired to load a link your friend sent to you, only to wait and wait because poor WiFi signal caused the page to load slowly? This process can be infuriating, but it can be fixed!

There are a number of do it yourself options as well as inexpensive equipment you can purchase to help improve the performance of your home or office WiFi network. First, begin by assessing your router placement following the tips below.

Router Placement

  • Pick a central location. For optimal performance, place your router in a central location. Don’t place it in the basement or attic. Instead, pick a room near the center of your home or office or near where you will be accessing the WiFi network the most often.
  • Keep the router placed upright. Keep the router positioned in the same way it was designed to keep it functioning properly.
  • Elevate the router. If possible, do not place your router on the floor. Instead, put it on a shelf, table or another elevated surface to prevent loss of signal.
  • Separate router from other electronics. Avoid signal interruption by separating our router from other electronics in your house. This includes, but is not limited to, TVs, DVD players, radios, sound systems, refrigerators, microwaves and computers.

If your router is properly placed and you’re still having signal issues, it might be time to look at another solution. A great option to extend your service is a WiFi extender. The Steren 300 MBPS WiFi Range Extender with Ethernet Port is an excellent option. This extender gives you an extra 32 ft. of distance range and comes with an Ethernet port. Setup for this solution is simple. All you’ll need to do is plug the extender into a power source, connect to your WiFi and begin using!

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