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Here Comes the Sun; Daylight Savings is Upon Us

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As the days start getting longer and the weariness of winter fades into seasons’ past, we often overlook the need to perform a checkup on our smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Daylight savings is the perfect opportunity to check and replace old batteries.

But wait, do you know that it may not be just the battery that needs replacing? Be sure to test your detector after replacing its battery, because a little-known fact to many is that battery operated smoke and carbon monoxide alarms have an expiration date. Because these safety workhorses are constantly “on,” it is suggested that smoke alarms be replaced every ten years and carbon monoxide every five to seven years (depending on the model). So please remember, as we mark the coming of a new season, starting fresh should begin with your family’s safety.

Steren Emergency/Power Failure Directional LED Light (LAM-500)

While you are changing out the old batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, think about other unnoticed safety issues in your home. Because spring is notorious for dangerous thunderstorms and electrical power outages, you should consider some backup lighting as a precaution. The Steren Emergency/Power Failure Directional LED Light  gives you up to 17-hours of use, thanks to its energy-saving LEDs. keeping you and your family out of any darkness caused by power outages. Best of all, maintaining your unit and keeping it in top condition will be simple with the test button and low battery indicator letting you know when to recharge.

Steren Solar Power Station with 4 LED Spotlights (LAM-600)

When you and your family need more than just lighting during an emergency, the Steren Solar Power Station with 4 LED Spotlights is the solution. The ability to connect up to four lights with this portable battery makes it also ideal for outdoor use, no matter if it is for a backyard barbecue or camping trip. In addition to providing necessary lighting, this power station boasts two USB outlets for charging your mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets or cameras, so you will never have to be without your technology. Charging the included solar panel in 8 hours is sure to be an easy task while you are enjoying the outdoors.

After addressing your safety needs, move your clock ahead and enjoy the upcoming seasons.

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