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Create The Perfect Home Theater

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As the days grow cooler and daylight hours grow shorter here in Pauls Valley, it’s time to start thinking about ways to relax indoors instead of outside. There’s something about autumn that makes it the perfect time of year to focus on all the comforts of home. Fall is also the optimal time of year to get going on your indoor home improvement projects.

At Sooner Home Furnishings, we love the idea of creating your own home theater. Although professional home theater setups can range in price, we’ve put together a few DIY ideas to help you build your own home theater.

First, consider where you want to set up your home theater. For example, will it be in its own room? Is it in a shared space? Or maybe you’re planning to build it in your garage. No matter which setup and room you choose, understanding the space will help you create the perfect home theater layout.

Home Theater Walls & Windows

Now that you’ve established where you’ll put your home theater, assess the space. Windows not only cause a glare on the screen but may also cause a sound distortion. Prevent this problem with curtains, blinds or drapes. Blackout curtains made with a thicker material are an excellent option. These curtains are designed to block out most exterior light and reduce noise. You’ll also enjoy savings on your energy bill as these curtains also help to prevent warm air from getting out and cool air from getting in.

If you’re creating a completely separate home theater, you may want to consider adding acoustic wall panels to improve the sound quality. Avoid hanging too many pictures in glass frames as the glass can also reflect sound and light.

Home Theater Flooring

A home theater should be cozy and inviting. If the room has hard flooring like tile or wood, add a rug to create a more comfortable experience. Carpeted rooms or rooms with large rugs also make ideal home theaters because it also improves sound quality. Hard floors like tile and wood can contribute to sound distortion.

Home Theater Lighting

Creating the perfect home theater also means getting the lighting just right! While you want the lighting low, you don’t want to view your favorite movies and TV shows completely in the dark. Doing so can actually cause eye fatigue and headaches. Skip the unnecessary pain and opt for low, dimmable lighting. Skip the overhead lighting and opt for wall lights that project light up toward the ceiling and not toward the screen. If a lighting revamp is outside of the budget, consider purchasing a few dimmable standing lamps instead.

Home Theater TV

Now that your room is ready, it’s time to add the TV! Although many home theaters come equipped with a projector, a flat-screen TV may be preferred in a multi-purpose room. Select your TV size and then look for the perfect wall mount. The Steren Full Motion Wall Mount for Flat Panel TVs is the perfect discrete mount that adds elegance to any room.

Looking for more home theater solutions? Stop by Sooner Home Furnishings at 101-103 E Paul Ave for more inspiration!