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Tax Refund in Your Future?

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As hard-working adults, we all know come April 15th (17th this year) Uncle Sam comes knocking. If you happen to be one of the fortunate taxpayers that will avoid a…

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Easter Fun for the Entire Family

800 500 Sooner Home Furnishings

Everybody knows Easter ranks at the top of the favorite holidays list right up there with Thanksgiving and Christmas. It’s all about family, feasts, and fun. This year, why not…

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Here Comes the Sun; Daylight Savings is Upon Us

1024 434 Sooner Home Furnishings

As the days start getting longer and the weariness of winter fades into seasons’ past, we often overlook the need to perform a checkup on our smoke and carbon monoxide…

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Upgrade Your Computer With The Best Accessories

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Think about the electronic devices you use every single day. If you’re like most Americans, we bet a computer is high up on your list! While a computer alone is…

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The Best Electronic Gifts for Him & Her

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This Valentine’s Day, give your significant other a gift they really want! At Sooner Home Furnishings, we carry the latest electronics. You’ll have no problem finding the perfect gift for…

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How to Create the Best Super Bowl Viewing Experience

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For lots of football lovers, the Super Bowl is like a holiday similar to Christmas and Thanksgiving. It is an occasion in which your closest friends and family get together,…

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Top Accessories for Your Holiday Gifts

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The holiday season may be over, but you have all year to play with your new gifts and favorite electronics. That means now is the perfect time for a roundup…

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Bluetooth Speaker Buying Guide

1024 683 Sooner Home Furnishings

Wireless Bluetooth speakers are turning out to be a must-have accessory nowadays. There are endless options available in the market, which can be confusing when you go to make your…

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The Best Electronics Gifts For Christmas

700 467 Sooner Home Furnishings

Christmas is rapidly approaching, which means shopping season is about to kick off and some of the best gifts that you can give are electronics. Electronics are one of the…

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What to Look for When Buying a Drone

1024 683 Sooner Home Furnishings

Purchasing a drone is the coolest thing you could ever do at the moment. However, that can prove to be very challenging if you are not one hundred percent sure…

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